Does your dog:

Pull you down the street when you really just want to go on a nice walk?

Pee on your furniture and expensive carpets?

Growl at your visitors? 

Drive you nuts when you sit down to watch tv at night?

If you're embarrassed by your dog's behavior and want to enjoy your dog instead of getting frustrated,


*We are highly recommended by many New Jersey veterinarians and veterinary behaviorists. We offer a number of canine related services to the Northern New Jersey area. 

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Certified & Educated By:

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A Team that truly cares.

If you are just getting a new puppy or have a dog already that you need some help with, contact us NOW. We do positive reinforcement dog training in the convenience of your home. We offer packages, discounts, and Day Training (while you're at work) for those who struggle with finding time to train your dog. We travel to Northern New Jersey (Essex, Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Sussex, Hudson, select areas of Union, and select areas of Rockland County, NY).Dogs learn best in a relaxed, fun environment, not one based on fear and "dominance". Let us show you how to have a better relationship with your best friend. 

Although it is optimal to start training as a puppy

it is almost never too late to teach a dog the right way to behave which, in turn, will enable you AND them to lead a much happier, relaxed life. If you have one area that you would like to work on or many areas that may need improvement, we can help you.


Force-free dog training and Behavior MOdification is available in New Jersey.

Serving Passaic, Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Sussex, and select areas of Union Counties in New Jersey and select areas of Rockland County, New York.