Board and Train

This is what can be included in your Board and Train Package:





•Leave it

•Drop it

•Loose leash walking

•Stay out of the kitchen

•Stay off the furniture

•House training


•Easily getting into the car/truck

•Crate training

•Doorbell/door knock desensitization

•No jumping

•Touch desensitizing and body handling, if requested 

We do not do board and trains with dogs that have aggression, fear, or anxiety issues. Dogs MUST be good with other dogs, people, and children. In-home training is best suited for behavioral modification of fear, anxiety, and aggression and we would be happy to help you with these as well, in your home.



Need help training your dog? Frustrated and want help while you go away on vacation or relax at home? Then you need The Canine Cure Board and Train. We do the heavy lifting for you and give you the assistance you need to transfer the skills to your home environment once the dog returns.

We do this in a way that will not cause any fear or pain to your dog. We won’t scare them, use shock collars, or anything that will cause pain. We will use science-based methods of training that are fun and set very clear expectations to your dog of what is expected. Board and Train is held at behavior consultant Tanya’s house. Dogs must be friendly with other dogs and children.

All Training Packages Include:

•Free email and phone support for the life of the dog.

•Personalized emailed homework of what was accomplished in each session.

Training will be tailored to owner’s and dog’s exact needs. It can include behaviors above or others which will be discussed prior to training commencing. The training includes pre-training session at drop-off and follow up session at the conclusion of training, one hour follow-up session in your home once the dog returns home to help with the transition, and lifetime support through phone, email, text. Also included are boarding and training, medications given if necessary, play time with other dogs, and walks. 

Dog MUST be dropped off at trainer's home for the start of the program. We do not transport dogs to or from board and trains.