We offer a number of canine related services to the northern New Jersey Area.

When we first speak, we will discuss in detail what issues you are having and what you are looking to improve upon. Once you become a client, we will provide you with a questionnaire, which will be filled out prior to our first appointment. The information in this questionnaire will inform me how to best tailor training and behavior modification specifically to your dog.

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All Behavior Modification and Training Packages Include:

3, 4, or 6 sessions for dogs 8 weeks to senior.

Depending on your dog's issues, some areas that will be covered are how dogs think and learn, preventative measures, obedience behaviors, nutrition, housetraining, walking nicely on a leash, and more!

Our Services:

Skype Dog Training





Basic Obedience Package

Advanced Obedience Package




Some issues may not be able to be covered within a 6 session time frame (such as fear, aggression, and more complex issues).

When we speak, we will discuss the time your issues may need to be addressed to have your dog be successful.

Packages must be pre-paid before the arrival of the trainer for the first lesson.

Three and four session packages must be completed within 3 months and six session packages must be completed within 6 months to ensure continuity of program and learning.

Fees are not refundable.

Fee begins when trainer arrives at your home. We will call if we are running late.

In case of illness or emergency, we will gladly reschedule. If illness, please contact 24 hours prior

No shows will be fully charged.

Other reschedule requests may result in full or partial appointment fee.


Advantages of Skype Dog Training:

  1. Provides easy and flexible scheduling – provides much more flexibility in time since there is no travel involved
  2. Location is not a restriction - If you are across the country, you can still take advantage of our many years of education, experience, and credentials to help you get results you are desperate for
  3. Financial perks – Skype training is much cheaper than in-home training since the travel piece is eliminated. Save a few bucks while still getting the help you need!

30 minute Skype session - $40
60 minute Skype session - $65
Three 60 minute Skype sessions - $185
Six 60 minute Skype sessions - $360


Each Skype Session will include a very detailed, emailed follow-up report which includes everything that was discussed and accomplished during the session, as well as any tips and advice we think will help you. Also included is lifetime phone, email, and text support to answer any questions that arise throughout your dog’s entire life. We encourage this as the internet is not the best place to decipher accurate information from material that may set back progress you will make.


Board and Train

This is what can be included in your Board and Train Package:





•Leave it

•Drop it

•Loose leash walking

•Stay out of the kitchen

•Stay off the furniture

•House training


•Easily getting into the car/truck

•Crate training

•Doorbell/door knock desensitization

•No jumping

•Touch desensitizing and body handling, if requested 

We do not do board and trains with dogs that have aggression, fear, or anxiety issues. Dogs MUST be good with other dogs, people, and children. In-home training is best suited for behavioral modification of fear, anxiety, and aggression and we would be happy to help you with these as well, in your home.



Need help training your dog? Frustrated and want help while you go away on vacation or relax at home? Then you need The Canine Cure Board and Train. We do the heavy lifting for you and give you the assistance you need to transfer the skills to your home environment once the dog returns.

We do this in a way that will not cause any fear or pain to your dog. We won’t scare them, use shock collars, or anything that will cause pain. We will use science-based methods of training that are fun and set very clear expectations to your dog of what is expected. Board and Train is held at behavior consultant Tanya’s house. Dogs must be friendly with other dogs and children.

All Training Packages Include:

•Free email and phone support for the life of the dog.

•Personalized emailed homework of what was accomplished in each session.

Training will be tailored to owner’s and dog’s exact needs. It can include behaviors above or others which will be discussed prior to training commencing. The training includes pre-training session at drop-off and follow up session at the conclusion of training, one hour follow-up session in your home once the dog returns home to help with the transition, and lifetime support through phone, email, text. Also included are boarding and training, medications given if necessary, play time with other dogs, and walks. 

Dog MUST be dropped off at trainer's home for the start of the program. We do not transport dogs to or from board and trains.  

Pre-Pet Counseling

One hour consultation = $50

The majority of people tend to buy a dog simply because they fall in love with it. (Can you blame them?)

Unfortunately, many of these poor dogs wind up in shelters because their owners did not know how to control the behavior of the specific breed, didn’t know their exercise requirements, and so many other reasons.

•The best step to take is to be informed BEFORE you get a dog and we can help you with this.

•We will meet for approximately an hour/hour and a half and discuss everything you are looking for in a pet.

•We will guide you to make the best decision for you, your family, and your new pup!


All Training Packages Include:

•Free email and phone support for the life of the dog.

•Personalized emailed homework of what was accomplished in each session.

Seminars & Lecture

For Groups, Libraries and Schools

Do you have a lot of curious dog owners in your town, library, school, etc?

  • I will come and present a 60-90 minute presentation which includes a lecture dealing with all aspects of dogs.
  • These include behavior, fear and aggression, nutrition, motivation, and much more!
  • There will be ample time for questions and discussion.

Puppy Package

Call for pricing. 

Want to get your puppy or adolescent dog off on the right foot? Let us show you how not to have chewed up furniture, pee and poop all over your floor, and an out of control puppy. You CAN have the puppy you want. Start them off on the right foot by going with our puppy package. It’s everything a puppy needs to learn to become a well-adjusted adult dog that will be a well-behaved member of your family for life, not a hassle.

•How dogs think and learn

•Preventative measures (jumping, nipping, socialization, body handling)

•Obedience behaviors (name recognition, sit, down, stay with minimal distractions, leave it, drop it, come with minimal distractions, loose leash walking)



•Free email and phone support



All Training Packages Include:

•Free email and phone support for the life of the dog.

•Personalized emailed homework of what was accomplished in each session.

Basic Obedience Package

(Behavior Modification Package would include working on your dog's fear, aggression, anxiety, or reactive behavior)

Call for pricing. 

We will cover:

•How dogs think and learn

•Obedience behaviors (sit, down, stay with minimal distractions, leave it, drop it,come inside and outside with distractions)

•Walking nicely on a leash


•Common behavior problems

•Free email and phone support

For dogs that may not need a full 6 sessions, as determined in our phone conversation, we also offer a 3 session package.


All Training and Behavior Modification Packages Include:

•Free email and phone support for the life of the dog.

•Personalized emailed homework of what was accomplished in each session.

Advanced Obedience Package

Call for pricing. 

We will cover:

•Stay with advanced distractions (inside and outside)

•Stand from sit and down


•Emergency stop


All Training Packages Include:

•Free email and phone support for the life of the dog.

•Personalized emailed homework of what was accomplished in each session.

Come To Me Package: 4 one-hour sessions

Does your dog ignore you when you call them to come? Does it seem like they have selective hearing when being asked to come in the house or when you want to leave the dog park? Would you like your dog to come flying when you call them? Let us show you how. We will spend 2 sessions inside and 2 outside, depending on proficiency, working on your dog’s speedy recall.

Refresher Package: 3 one-hour sessions

Have you worked with us in the past and feel you could use some “freshening up” on what your dog learned? We’d be happy to help get you back up to speed. We will focus on behaviors that need a refresher and maybe throw in a new one or two!

Meet and Greet Package: 4 one-hour sessions

Does your dog jump all over your guests and visitors in your home? When you’re out walking your dog, do they dirty people’s clothes by saying hello by jumping? Let’s teach them how to greet calmly and politely. We will spend 2 sessions inside and 2 outside, depending on proficiency, working on polite greetings.

A Walk in the Park Package:  4 one-hour sessions starting at home

Is your dog pulling your arm out of the socket when you want to simply take a nice stroll around the neighborhood? When walking is becoming more of a nightmare then fun for you and your dog, it’s time to make a change. We can help teach them that it pays to walk nicely with you!

The Outdoors Package: 4 one-hour sessions

For dogs who have a handle on basic obedience, but owners desire better behavior in public at cafes, restaurants, parks, etc. Would you like to go to an outdoor café or restaurant with your dog and not have to worry about them jumping on the table, stealing your food, and being a nuisance? They have to be taught how to do that and we can help you. You can have an outdoors buddy who listens to you instead of embarrassing you.

Tricks of the Trade Package: 4 one-hour sessions

Are you looking for some other ways to have fun with your dog? What better way than to teach them tricks? This is not only fun, but provides extensive mental stimulation and problem solving for dogs which tires them out and forms an even stronger bond between you. Sit pretty, take and give, put away your toys, paw, roll over, spin, and more to choose from. They’ll have a blast!