We offer a number of canine related services to the northern New Jersey Area.

When we first speak, we will discuss in detail what issues you are having and what you are looking to improve upon. Once you become a client, we will provide you with a questionnaire, which will be filled out prior to our first appointment. The information in this questionnaire will inform me how to best tailor training and behavior modification specifically to your dog.

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All Behavior Modification and Training Packages Include:

3, 4, or 6 sessions for dogs 8 weeks to senior.

Depending on your dog's issues, some areas that will be covered are how dogs think and learn, preventative measures, obedience behaviors, nutrition, housetraining, walking nicely on a leash, and more!

Our Services:

Skype Dog Training




Basic Obedience Package

Advanced Obedience Package




Some issues may not be able to be covered within a 6 session time frame (such as fear, aggression, and more complex issues).

When we speak, we will discuss the time your issues may need to be addressed to have your dog be successful.

Packages must be pre-paid before the arrival of the trainer for the first lesson.

Three and four session packages must be completed within 3 months and six session packages must be completed within 6 months to ensure continuity of program and learning.

Fees are not refundable.

Fee begins when trainer arrives at your home. We will call if we are running late.

In case of illness or emergency, we will gladly reschedule. If illness, please contact 24 hours prior.

No shows will be fully charged.

Other reschedule requests may result in full or partial appointment fee.

If your dog has bitten in the past, the first and/or second sessions will focus on the desensitization and use of a muzzle to ensure everyone’s safety. When done correctly, dogs can be taught to enjoy wearing a muzzle and many actually will get excited at the sight of it because it was trained and desensitized properly. We know there can be a stigma with a dog wearing a muzzle, but there is nothing to be ashamed of and there is NOTHING safer than a dog who is wearing a muzzle. We are here to help, guide, and support you and have your dog’s and your best interest at heart.

If an aversive device is implemented against our advice (shock collar, vibrating collar, prong collar, choke collar) or aversive techniques are applied (yelling, hitting, throwing items, leash corrections, etc.) we reserve the right to terminate the relationship with no refund given as these techniques can be detrimental to our program and its success.

If a dog is returned, session payment may be applied to a future dog.

No refunds will be given.