Come To Me Package: 4 one-hour sessions

Does your dog ignore you when you call them to come? Does it seem like they have selective hearing when being asked to come in the house or when you want to leave the dog park? Would you like your dog to come flying when you call them? Let us show you how. We will spend 2 sessions inside and 2 outside, depending on proficiency, working on your dog’s speedy recall.

Refresher Package: 3 one-hour sessions

Have you worked with us in the past and feel you could use some “freshening up” on what your dog learned? We’d be happy to help get you back up to speed. We will focus on behaviors that need a refresher and maybe throw in a new one or two!

Meet and Greet Package: 4 one-hour sessions

Does your dog jump all over your guests and visitors in your home? When you’re out walking your dog, do they dirty people’s clothes by saying hello by jumping? Let’s teach them how to greet calmly and politely. We will spend 2 sessions inside and 2 outside, depending on proficiency, working on polite greetings.

A Walk in the Park Package:  4 one-hour sessions starting at home

Is your dog pulling your arm out of the socket when you want to simply take a nice stroll around the neighborhood? When walking is becoming more of a nightmare then fun for you and your dog, it’s time to make a change. We can help teach them that it pays to walk nicely with you!

The Outdoors Package: 4 one-hour sessions

For dogs who have a handle on basic obedience, but owners desire better behavior in public at cafes, restaurants, parks, etc. Would you like to go to an outdoor café or restaurant with your dog and not have to worry about them jumping on the table, stealing your food, and being a nuisance? They have to be taught how to do that and we can help you. You can have an outdoors buddy who listens to you instead of embarrassing you.

Tricks of the Trade Package: 4 one-hour sessions

Are you looking for some other ways to have fun with your dog? What better way than to teach them tricks? This is not only fun, but provides extensive mental stimulation and problem solving for dogs which tires them out and forms an even stronger bond between you. Sit pretty, take and give, put away your toys, paw, roll over, spin, and more to choose from. They’ll have a blast!