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Here are just a few of the wonderful things our customers have said about our professional pet and dog services.

Mary Jean has totally transformed our dog. We started training during his puppy stage and continued into part of his adolescence, so Mary Jean was able to curb some behaviors very early on. Her positive attitude, accessibility, and willingness to help have made her a joy to work with. Plus, our dog absolutely adores her. Mary Jean trains both the dog and the owner. Her advice about how to reinforce skills on our own was clear and easy to keep up with. Our time with Mary Jean is over for now, but she instilled key skills that will stay with us and with our dog for a very long time. We highly recommend The Canine Cure!

Nichole H.

I found The Canine Cure online after desperately searching for help with my puppy. After reading their website, I called. After speaking with Mary Jean, I felt an instant trust. Initially, the biggest concern was our 70 pound 8 month old Bulldog was extremely hyper, jumped on my 10 year old daughter and I constantly, whenever I walked him, he would pull, jump at me and bite whatever leash I used! Mary Jean (The Canine Cure) gave a thorough assessment, and demonstrated techniques which were easy to administer even for my daughter. Walks were becoming normal, even a pleasure. Mary Jean gave us a few ideas to help tire him out, so the jumping and his hyperactivity decreased (he loves the flirt pole). After our training sessions ended, of course he developed an aversion to going into his crate, he even growled and bit at me upon putting him in, which in the past was easy. I was able to contact (The Canine Cure) once a client, always a client, and Mary Jean gave me some strategies to use which I implemented immediately. Now Blizzard goes into his crate of his own free will, and will even stay in there with the door open, as he understands now that it isn't a punishment! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Mary Jean, she's amazing, uses only positive reinforcement, is extremely reliable, and is always willing to help! Our home is our happy place again!

Lauren V.

We adopted our dog from a shelter on Saturday and I immediately realized that we would need professional training help. I reached out via Thumbtack and Mary Jean was the first to respond. Not only that, but she had one of her trainers come to our apartment the very next day to begin training sessions. We have been very impressed with the training thus far and highly recommend The Canine Cure!



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